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Yorktown Centre Roof Project by Alex Roofing Company, Inc.


ARI is very diverse when it comes to what roof installation systems you desire. We have been doing all types of commercial and residential roofing for over 50 years. Whether it be metal, shingles, EPDM, PVC, TPO, or coatings, you can be assured ARI can do it all.

Roof Maintenance large commercial waterproofing project by Alex Roofing Company, Inc.


Since we are in the business of keeping water out, we also have years of experience in waterproofing applications. We specialize in below grade, above grade and horizontal applications. Consider us when you are looking for that better than average waterproofing application. ARI can keep you dry from above or below.

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Additional Services

Because ARI is diverse, we can provide other services or installations. We can install all types of metal siding, insulated wall panels, metal roofing, artificial slate, green roofs, snow retention systems, new roof penetration flashings, ornate metal installations, lift rental, crane rental and all types of repairs.

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